How to use stone slabs as a focal point in your home!

If your home, or a particular space within it is in need of a fresh feature, stone slabs are definitely worth considering. They provide grandeur and prestige with ease, which completely transforms an ordinary space with a modern, impressive feel. Here, we will discuss how different rooms around your house can be reinvigorated with stone and slabs! KITCHEN: Use stone slabs to heighten your kitchen and add a feature that flows easily. By selecting a colour scheme that pairs the stone with the rest of the room, you can attain a professional and individual look that commands attention. See here, how stone has been paired with the kitchen’s whites and wooden floorboards to create a beautiful feel. BATHROOM: Stone in bathrooms adds a gorgeous mix of serenity and size. Using a ‘natural finish’ option also provides an almost untidy, yet completely slick impression.Try contrasting darker tones with whites to push the idea of focal point with ease. OUTDOOR: The natural feel of stone works as a fitting focal point in outdoor areas. Pair the tonality of the stone with furniture and cushions that match it well, to bring out the splendour for a impressive finish. Have a look here how the stone adds to the look. Continue to browse our extensive stone slabs selection and get in touch to find out more!

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