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Opening the front door is a revelation.

The first inkling that something different lies behind this traditional Ponsonby cottage is when you glimpse the shuttered concrete entrance.

A chic, understated point of difference from its more traditional neighbours.

Opening the front door is a revelation.

Well thought out architecture is life changing. What was a cottage has been transformed into a slique city work from home pad.

Turning right through the hallway life opens up in all dimensions. Lines of vision stretched upwards and outwards from the walls to the ceiling.

A capacious open plan living space flowing seamlessly out to a North facing terraced garden.

Timber clad floors and a wall provide a backdrop to cleverly devised spaces…space with a place for everything.

Antique French Grey heavily brushed oak gives this architectural couple an easy warm living surface.

Tailored white cabinetry juxtaposes the heavily brushed antique oak.

This is interior design speaking to the theme of traditional meeting new.

Life in Ponsonby has changed…new has met old with resounding success & affirms the use of an architect who has thought through and resolved the process of living life in the new millennium.

Life changing! Until you’ve engaged an architect and gone through the process you won’t know what an exceptional change they will make to your life.


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