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Tile Trends

The world of design is constantly evolving, with certain trends coming and going each year. Tiles are one of the most dominant feature options around homes and it will remain that way, as we move into 2018. Here’s a look at what sort of trends are looking to emerge:

Marble/Stone - Marble, particularly white tones, has been a statement trend over the last few years. Like wood, stone brings together beauty and practicality, situating it as an obvious choice for many. It has a natural look that evokes a sense of grandeur, while still simple enough to flow well with pairings. It is durable and relatively diverse too. We can expect Stone trends to stick around, although it is likely to develop a bit, with tones other than white gaining more popularity. Grey, black and beige seem to be the biggest contenders, but even brighter colours are likely to find their place in the design world.

Patterned Tile - The patterned tile has slowly developed quite a following, cited as a favourite for the more experimental among us. With all the varied, charming patterns on offer, these tiles offer a sense of individuality that works beautifully to transform your home. It can add fun and texture to often dull spaces with a simple transformation. Anything bold will work, but it is certainly difficult to look past geometric designs.

Wall Tile - We have been reminded over the past few seasons, that tiles aren’t only for the floor - they work great on walls too! Designers and homeowners have fallen in love with wall tiles, using them across many different spaces. Bold colours, accented patterns, interesting textures will all be of importance when choosing a tile. All these aspects have to be considered, as wall tiles present such an unobstructed view of the design, presenting it without secret. It is all about considering how wall tiles can tie a space together, be it natural patterning for relaxed feelings or bright colours to excite the senses.

The future of tiles is looking interesting, with some truly stunning trends emerging. The year ahead is truly an exciting time for home design. To see our impressive collection of tiles, browse through our website or visit us in our showroom!


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