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Terms of payment: Payment in full is required upon confirmation of an order if the product is in stock. A deposit of 50% of the value of the goods must be made on confirmation of the order, if the items need to be ordered or are on back order. Payment of the balance must be made when the final invoice has been prepared and/or when the goods have arrived into the country, and/or prior to the delivery of the goods. If the purchaser cannot take delivery of the goods when ready for delivery, storage can be arranged at the cost of the purchaser, but payment of any balances outstanding must be made on receipt of the invoice for the goods in storage. No goods will leave the warehouse without prior payment. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts in line with current rates. Collection costs incurred by a collection agency will also be added. 

Cancellations: If for any reason the order is cancelled either before, during or after shipping, we reserve the right to use this deposit to defray any costs associated with the profitable disposal of the goods or costs we may incur due to this action. 


Completion and Title: The purchaser shall inspect the goods supplied immediately after delivery. No claims will be recognised after 7 days from date of delivery. No title of the property in the items supplied shall pass until they have been paid in full and failure to make payment in accordance with the above terms shall entitle Artedomus (NZ) Limited (ANZL) to retake possession of the goods in the event of a dispute, receivership or liquidation. 

Allowances: Colour - Marble, limestone, timber and other natural products supplied by ANZL are natural products and therefore are subject to variations in colour, natural markings and chemical composition. Other manufactured items such as bathware and ceramics may show colour variations as between production batch numbers. 

Product may be exchanged prior to laying but ANZL can accept no responsibility once the product is laid. Once the product has commenced to be laid the responsibility passes to the tiler/specifier to ensure the product is correct. 


Added Products Used: Where sealers or any other topical products are used in association with any of our products supplied, ANZL takes no responsibility for the application of such products, and any situation that may arise with using such products. Advice will be supplied from the manufacturer of such product and its uses only. The application and responsibility of this lies with the person or persons who undertake to apply and use these products. 

Measurements: All square metre measurements of products are estimated by ANZL and need to be checked and confirmed by the installer prior to placing the order. ANZL cannot be held responsible for measurements which are provided as a service to the customer. 

Freight: The arrangement and costs of freight and delivery to the Purchaser are provided by separate charge on the invoice. We are prepared on your behalf to organize transport to site on the understanding that we are acting as your agents for freight. Where, however, the circumstances of the delivery and / or access to the intended destination are difficult and require additional organization or expense, the purchaser by the placing of an order acknowledges that it shall be liable for any such additional costs. 


Product Returns: Returns are only granted at the total discretion of Management. Only product in original packaging and/or in original condition will be considered suitable for a credit. WE DO NOT REFUND, credits only are allowed. There are conditions which need to be considered, please ask Management first if you want to return goods. A restocking fee will be charged. Refer the Customer Notes section for rates. 

If product has been specifically ordered for a customer ANZL will not accept returns. 

If there is a refund to be paid, whatever the reason, we reserve the right to make the payment when ANZL is able to make such a payment. Any legal resolution initiated by the customer will not be deemed to be reasonable in these circumstances. 

Credits are valid for six months from date of issue. 

Acceptance of Terms & Condition: The payment of a deposit will be deemed to be the customer’s acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Trade of ANZL. 

Delay of Product: Where product that has been ordered or expected and is delayed through no fault of ANZL, we accept no responsibility or liability for any costs that may be incurred due to this reason. 

Payment: Where product has been specifically ordered for a particular project – we require the balance of payment to be made as soon as the product is available for delivery – whether the product is required at this time or not. When goods purchased are stock items, we require payment in full and we will hold for 1 month from the date of sale. 

Storage. ANZL is unable to store indented items for longer than 1 week after arrival into our warehouse. We can put the customer in touch with a storage facility. 

Overdue Accounts: ANZL reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts. When such accounts have been placed in the hands of a collection agency, then such fees as charged to collect the payment will be charged by ANZL.

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