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What do you want to wake up to?

One of the first items of the day is to refresh and revitalize.

For me – it’s been a must to enter in to a beautiful space to do this.

I want to be in a room that I can have everything I need at my fingertips…my tooth brush, razor, moisturizer and perfumes.

Casabath Range

I want to bathe and refresh in a gorgeous space – and then put everything away again ready for my next encounter…..

Initially – I don’t want to be totally in the spotlight….a softer subdued lighting is fine for me to come to terms with my age and smile lines J

Once I’m centered – I can face (literally) the things that need to be done on a daily basis.

For me it helps to have the sensory touch and feel of stone and wood….is that the Caveman in me I wonder? Thank the good Lord above I have evolved.

We’re so proud to be bringing the Casabath range to our Clients in New Zealand….we’ve been bringing in the backdrop with our beautiful tile and stone range for many years….finally we’re delivering the diva – with a freshly styled Italian range of vanities – wash basins – cupboards, mirrors and accessories.

Not only beautiful but totally practical. Robust elegant finishes in many varieties colours and materials – to suit all tastes and budgets.

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