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10 HOT Style Tips from our InHouse Designers

We have compiled 10 Hot tips from our InHouse Designers to help you bring more life into your home.

1. Natural Finishes

Natural textures & organic materials, particularly wood and stone, work well to ground your home in design that resonates with the soul as well as the eye. Working with the materials of nature, a whole new spirit can be nourished within your home. The nature of nature is that it is timeless and eternal too, meaning less work in the long run to keep up to date with fashions and trends.

2. Building Textures

If you’re not the colourful type, try mixing textures between rooms and within rooms. This is an easy way to add depth and synergy into your home, creating a more organic, holistic one. When done well, mixing textures will bring out their inner beauty and that is pure elegance.

3. Focus on Floor

The floor is the ground of your home, upon which everything else is built - so give it the energy it deserves. Every famous building has revered architecture as well as a beautiful floor. Organic products, Stone and Timber are particularly beautiful as well as being both practical while adding to the aesthetic. They are one of the few forms of design that can act both subtly and with grand volume.

4. Spend Smart

Design can add up to be relatively expensive, but be smart about where you are spending and what you are spending it on. Often spending now on a quality product will save you money in the long run, so consider long lasting materials and designs that will age well.

5. Greenery

Plants are a beautiful way to bring life into your home and to bring life out of your design. Not only are they beautiful to see and nourish, but they will oxygenate and nourish your home as well - literally giving your space new breath.

6. Accentuate your homes character

Whether you have realised it or not, there is an inherent character embodied in your home. Be proud of the weathered life of your house, especially if it is one of age. if you're feeling adventurous, get to know more about the history of your home and area and find ways to incorporate that into your home.

7. Don’t rule out any room/space

Often, when people are designing their living areas, they overlook areas that may be under-utilised. Every room in your house is yours to fall in love with. Invigorate every space in your home and you will find yourself relishing in a new lifestyle that can incorporate all areas of your household.

8. Bolden your lifestyle

Be bold and creative with your design! Don’t be afraid to add funky tiles or splash backs that pop with colour and texture. This is a way to personalise your home and bring bright energy into your life.

9. To Thine Self Be True

Ask yourself what you want, seperate to just trends and collective tastes. What areas of your home do you enjoy most? Why? Figure out what designs will bring you the most joy as you live your life in your wonderful home.

10. Minimise!

Cluttering your home with lots of little pieces and design elements can be tiresome to live among. Be prepared to rid yourself of what you no longer need and add clean and smooth design to your home - but also ensure you keep tones, types and of course stuff, that you love around you.

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