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Hot Pots!

Pots are a modest and yet beautiful means to bring new life into an outdoor area. They can completely transform an outdoor area to be a place of magic and magnificence. Artedomus offers a wide range of pots - from concrete to terracotta and specimen pots with rich glazing. natural elements of your outdoor space, whether that is water, greenery or even the sky. Consider these outdoor elements in your design to best enhance your courtyard, terrace or garden.

Take a long view...stand back before you rush in. Consider the fences, furniture and feature walls and doors that your pots will exist alongside. Use your pot placement to draw one’s eye to the best of these elements. Pot placement is a very effective way to devise a route for one’s gaze toward the sky, a front door as well as your garden. Hide a bad element while drawing attention to something lovely.

One of the best ways to really bring out the best of specimen plants, is to really consider their size. Taller pots will draw the eye level higher, bringing with it more grandeur and elegance. Smaller pots can draw the eye closer to the earth and your beautiful planting or table top. By varying the sizes of your pots, you can add another dynamic to your space, to create a gaze that will follow the pots shape and positioning. A range of pot shapes and sizes will allow you to curate & furnish your outdoor spaces.

Artedomus has a range of pots & garden sculpture that will allow you to dress & finesse your outdoor rooms with panache.

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