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Top 10 finishing Touches for your Design

1. Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are a beautiful and easy way to add colour, texture as well as practicality to your design. With such a range of colours and designs, they are a beautiful way to add an interesting and alternative effect. Artedomus’s New Deco and Fire and Dark Palladian tiles are particularly beautiful for an extra flair. Check out the new Liquid Moon for something really eye catching!

2. Lamps

There is nothing quite so homely as turning on a lamp. Lamps offer a warm and intimate tone of light and structure to a space, to bring a more homely feeling. Find something that runs smoothly into the current design, to bring out the coziness of your space.

3. Mirrors

A mirror is a beautiful reminder of your presence within the environment you are inhabiting. Use smoother edges for a more comfortable and less obtrusive feature in your bathroom, bedroom or hallway. Mirrors, when used well will also deepen the room to make it feel more light & spacious.

4. Lighting Fixtures

The finer details can make or break your design. Decide whether you want something that stands out, or something a little more subtle and act accordingly. Consider the statement you make with your fixtures.

5. Taps and Bathroom Fixtures

These are the elements you will likely engage with most within your bathroom - so be thorough in your decision making. Sharper edges can bring a modernity into your home, while the smoother may make it more comfortable and homely - it’s all about taste!

6. Brass and Other Metals

Brass, silvers and other metallic tones will add sophistication to your design. Make a considered choice on a tone that will bring out and accentuate the beauty of your design.

7. Lighting that Makes Sense

When considering lighting, think about how your space will be most used. A sharper, whiter light may be more practical, but softer and more orange tones can bring out an unrivalled relaxation to a space. Lighting is one of the most important elements to design - though it is often overlooked.

8. Decor

Once the fundamental elements have been considered, the decor you bring into your house and surround yourself with can affect both your design and lifestyle greatly. When considering decor like vases and sculpture, seek what makes you feel special.

9. More Tiles

Tiles are often the final touch added to a space, especially in outdoor areas. There are beautiful and bountiful selections that are inviting and deeply effective. Running the indoors out as not only practical - but will highlight a sense of space as well as luxury

10. Splashbacks

Most at home in the kitchen, a splash back will bring new life into one of the most important rooms in your household. A splashback is a simple touch that will add energy to your space and influence your kitchen creativity. The big question to ask I blend in or stand out? If it’s a new kitchen often it’s good to wait until after installation. A great opportunity to add colour - or not. If not consider the tile choice and see if texture is an option. Don’t forget you can use the same slab as your benchtop. Perhaps there’s nothing as chic as a lovely piece of marble.

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