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Landscaping with Stone & Tile - The Must Knows

Landscaping with stone has been done for centuries in old country piles in Britain to Palazzos in Italia. Well travelled Kiwis have embraced this tradition and giving it our own unique modern sping. Take your time to make your outdoor area a homely and inviting place. Stone & tile is a beautiful way to add value to your home as well as personalise the outdoors, bringing warmth as well as a kindly invite to beautiful events and interactions at your place!

Climate is a very important thing to consider in terms of your tile choice. Pick a product most suited to weather both in terms of its functionality and its feel. Think about colour - how much will it heat up? How much light will it reflect? All of these will have an impact.

Our friendly team at Artedomus have the knowledge you need for the right choice

Don’t neglect the walls! Many tiles are beautifully suited for vertical escapades and can bring height and wonder to your outdoor space. Consider a tile or stone feature wall, to bring focus to a particular cove or haven within your outdoor space. Such design will also make your space feel bigger by adding different focal points for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

Consider the outdoors as a part of your living space. Where do you want your focus? If you have a pool or a beautiful garden, sometimes less is more and will be the best option to really bring out your star design elements. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different samples of textures and colours to find what is most effective in highlighting your particular area - Get inspired! google “Jardin Marjorelle” and other famous gardens of the world! Embrace colour and texture of the outdoor products have to offer.

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