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Timber flooring has long been a favourite option in homes and for good reason too. Many families and designers have fallen in love with the many benefits of wood, including its durability, health effects, homely feeling and of course it’s beauty.

Timber flooring is super durable, able to withstand quite nasty damage and spills, which makes it perfect for families as well as those of us prone to clumsiness. There is a great peace of mind that comes with knowing your home’s grounding is able to hold its own against such accidents. If the worst happens then they can be refinished! They have long lifespans (often outliving the home’s inhabitants) meaning that timber floors are a brilliant investment for the future.

As wood is a natural element, there are many health-oriented benefits both scientifically and philosophically. Unlike carpet, which easily traps grime and allergens, timber flooring is easy to keep clean and tidy, with a simple weekly dry mop and a slightly deeper clean when necessary. It also stores carbon, bringing a cleaner and healthier flow of air through the home, to reduce stress and give life to your home’s residents.

The simple and elegant aesthetic properties of timber are also incredible. With so much variety possible, there is a timber flooring perfectly suited for every taste, eliciting great beauty in an often subtle fashion. It will give life to not only the people but the things in your home. Discover the wonder of timber flooring from the extensive selection we have at Artedomus. Realise the full potential of the space in which you have called “home.”

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