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This time honoured product has been used by many different cultures and countries for centuries.

There was a time in the swinging seventies that Kiwis did have access to slate out of Asia - 300 x 300 modules abounded for a while - often laid with big groutlines - some of it has stood the test of time but whether it was module size or the way it was laid - it fell out of fashion…..

Until Artedomus and it’s South American partner reintroduced it just over 10 years ago & it’s been a remarkable resurgence. Embraced by designers and homeowners alike all over the country - our slate is extremely well produced with modern stone cutting equipment. Large format tile is calibrated to just 10mm thick making it very simple to lay in flooring and bathroom situations.

Lots of options available in tile size from subway and parquetry module bricks - to giant 30mm slabs 4000 long. The ‘natural’ finish option has a soft leathered feeling while the honed or brushed is silky smooth.

Stain resistant, family friendly & well priced Black & Grey slate has become the go to option for leading architects and designers alike.

A new ‘burgundy’ slate has been released in 2020 and has a dark red/brown natural finish. ‘Rusty’ slate - a grey background with an almost Corten steel finish is another popular option.

Contact one of the friendly team at Artedomus for sampling

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