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Bathroom Inspo - Trending This Season

An all new season brings all new inspiration for your bathroom space and the styles that are emerging are beyond exciting. Trending this season are smart, sleek designs that source their grandeur in their simplicity. Modern, minimal and yet extremely innovative, this season everyone is talking about the Casabath and Omvivo ranges.

The Casabath range has been just launched in New Zealand and is exclusive to Artedomus, focusing on high quality and stunning originality in it’s design. Italian bathware is globally renowned for its sheer excellence and unique character and this range is no different. Featuring alluring dark tones for a luxurious experience, this range will inspire you to consider the secret richness of considered simplicity.

As shown below, this range suggests essentiality of quality lighting choices within the bathroom space, as well as pairing such with the geometric form of the bathware, to bring out the inherent beauty of well-designed finishes.

Designer bathroom products

Also with Casabath at the forefront of this season’s trends, is the Omnivo range. Having been designing and manufacturing contemporary bathroom products for over 25 years, this is a brand that has continuously proved themselves to be one of the best on the market. This collection considers their entire history of design, without shying away from the innovative and challenging new ideas that this season promises.

Slick and unique luxury is at the heart of the Omnivo collection, which largely draws from it’s mostly minimal palate of blacks and whites (in their different hues). Of course, additional extra features or accessories that bring out the best in the space should still be added for maximum effect - think wooden finishes, greenery and subtle patterns.

Below is a design that brilliantly showcases the power of complimenting impressive foundations, with subtle, yet well-considered accessories.

Bathroom Basins Auckland

Whatever else this season brings is all up to you! Seek inspiration for your bathroom space and manifest the beauty you deserve.

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