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How to bring design and function into your space with tiles

Tiles are one of the most versatile accessories you can add to a space. They can modernise the room, provide pop, add personality or smooth out the area with subtlety. By considering the following key ideas, check out how tiles can add design and function. 1) COLOUR: Coloured tiles are a great way to revitalise your space. Evaluate the room’s function and consider your own personal style to decide on a colour palette. Cooler colours tend to convey a sense of serenity and relaxation (great for the likes of bathrooms), whereas warmer colours tend to add optimism and passion (a nice addition to family kitchens). Of course, black and white tones are also as important to give a modern and professional feel. 2) PATTERN: A charming patterned tile (however subtle) can be used to create a feature wall, fireplace surround, a statement piece or for a fresh and classic addition to a bathroom/kitchen. Again, begin by considering the functionality of a space and then how pattern could add to that. For example, an entry way sets the tone for a house, so by using a feature pattern you can provide a sense of invitation and excitement. 3) TEXTURE: Texture is often overlooked, but extremely important in transforming a space. Rougher tiles are often used to command a sense of toughness or ‘ordered disorder’, whereas in contrast, smoother tiles suggest a more even, undisturbed space. Have a browse through our tile section to see how we have considered colour, pattern and texture to bring design and function into our spaces, or come visit us at our showroom!


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