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How to create a unique look...

How do you create a unique look that flows perfectly with your home? Here are just a few of our tips: Inspiration: Although the final look will be yours, there’s no shame in looking around to get your creativity pumping! Websites like Pinterest are awesome and also try out designers from other countries - often you’ll find completely new ways of approaching redesign. Check out online showrooms (here’s a link to ours) and also visit some too. Miss Match: It’s easy to follow the ‘go to’ standards, but why not mix it up? Get samples of different textures, colours, consistencies, patterns or shapes and just throw different types together! It is amazing how well ‘different’ works together. Explore completely polar contrasts and more subtle ones to see what works for you. You may be surprised by your findings and could even start a brand new trend! Love To Experiment: It is often not just in the actual experimentation where you will find new ideas, but in your love for it! If you are dedicated to creating a brand new, gorgeous look, then with enough trial and error, you will! Love to be different and to discover new, unique looks. Commit: Once you’ve got an idea, get some others on board and get to it! Surround yourself with professionals and friends who can really help you out. If you’ve planned the look, know what you’re going for and how you’re going to get there, trust yourself and make magic. For more design tips and information, get in touch with us today! Phone: (09) 361 1567 Mobile: (021) 717 143 E-Mail: Check us out on Social:


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