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Must have’s when renovating.

So, you’re planning on renovating? There’s no better time than the present! Here’s our list of the must-haves to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Get Inspired: There’s no point getting started until you get all of your creative juices flowing! A good idea we like to get us started is creating a mood board. Browse the internet and focus on websites like Pinterest. Compile all the images you love to get a feel for how you might go about sprucing up your space. Check out our Pinterest account here to see what we find stunning! Get Specific: Once you’ve fallen in love with a flavour, start looking for more direct choices. Find samples you can touch and bounce ideas off an architect you like. Explore all possibilities until you pin down what is going to work best for you. Make a plan: Get out the highlighters, spreadsheets and coloured pens and start writing it all up! What you need, where you’ll get it from and when it’ll be done by. A well-implemented, cohesive plan will save you stress and keep you on-track! Be fair, clear and realistic. Get to it: Now that you’re all sorted, it’s time to get to it! Surround yourself with a team of helpful, honest people and transform your space to everything you’ve been dreaming of! For more advice and assistance, get in touch with us today! Phone: (09) 361 1567 Mobile: (021) 717 143 E-Mail: Check us out on Social:


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