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New Appiani Denim Just In.

New Appiani Denim Just In.

The arrival of the New Appiani Denim range, is exciting for all who enjoy true style. The iconic feelings of timelessness and comfort associated with jeans has been innovatively reimagined for interior design. Perfect for floors and walls, to craft a unique essence that will transform a room with the flavour of fashion, the material is impressed with this brand new finish. The three different patterns - Streaked/Striato, Wavy/Ondulato, Ruled/Sfilato - each have their own personality, with different patterns and colours allowing for you to fall in love.

The textured feel of this range is as unique as is timeless. It’s flexible and even surprising in the beauty it evokes. The decor is versatile and works in a range of spaces, whether that be a bathroom, a bedroom or a family space. The design has huge potential in a more commercial environment too, suggesting a wide possibilities of beauty. Have a look at this new range and come to understand just how special this design is.


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