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NEW ARRIVALS - Why Choose Porcelain tiles for your home.

The versatile beauty of Porcelain tiles has situated them as a popular trend for homes all around the world. Their popularity is testament to their range of features that will benefit you in the long term and for many more years to come.

The toughness of porcelain tiles is one of the key components that make them such a solid choice for your home. With high scratch resistance, stain resistance and general durability, the strength of porcelain tiles means they’ll outlive many other flooring options. Even the colour is tough, running deeper than the surface and into the tile, meaning the colour will remain constant if the tile is worn down.

Of course, porcelain tiles aren’t only great as flooring and it’s this versatility that adds to their appeal. They work well anywhere you want a chic, quality surface. Kitchen countertops, wall coverings and bathroom walls are just a few examples of where porcelain tiles can be used to great effect.

Italian Porcelain Tiles Auckland

With low maintenance requirements, porcelain flooring is particularly long lasting. It will outperform other options in areas of high traffic, both with regards to its durability and shere aesthetic appeal. Even if something does go wrong, costs of repair tend to be cheaper than most alternative option.

Even the cleaning is easy, as very little moisture is absorbed into the surface, allowing spills that could have become nasty stains, to simply be wiped up with a cloth. A mild detergent and/or water is all the porcelain tile generally needs to keep its beauty, meaning little effort for maximum effect.

As well as making your life easier and more beautiful everyday, porcelain tile is considered a quality building material that will likely increase the value of your property in case you ever do decide to part with your home.

To best incorporate porcelain tiles into your design, be sure to check out our large range of options. We have some brand new arrivals as well as the classics, so you can be sure to find something perfect for your taste.

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