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Top 7 reasons why Architects & designers choose Appiani tiles.

Appiani Tiles are a favourite of architects and designers, who understand just how incredible they are. Used both residentially and commercially, the tiles are an incredible option for anyone looking to add some stunning design to their home. Here’s the top 7 reasons why they use them and why you should too.

Versatile. Indoor, outdoor, commercial, home - we have suitable options that work all across the board. The versatility in design and style never means a compromise is quality, so you can be certain that these tiles will work anywhere you choose to use them.

Resistant. Part of what makes these tiles so incredible, is their long lasting, high-quality resistance. Neither blows, nor abrasion, nor frost are a match for our tiles, strengthened from development.

Gorgeous. Why else? With a stunning aesthetic appeal that can be translated across so many spaces, these tiles situate themselves as one of the most beautiful brands on the market.

Experienced. Appiani tiles have been used for decades and so have been developed over time to be one of the best tiles you can possibly use.

Unique. The imagery of Appiani tiles is one that can not be replicated easily. It’s a favourite for designers because of its individualised appeal.

Skillfully crafted. The whole process of crafting the mosaic tiles into their beautiful final products is a careful task that takes precision. Because of that, architects and designers are assured that the creation is a deliberate task of skill.

Tradition. Appiani Tiles have been being used in many different ways for many different years. They have managed to position themselves carefully to represent both uniqueness and tradition - combining the best elements of each for a near-uncontested favourite.

The professionals love them so why not have a look for yourself? If you would like to see up close how stunning our Appiani Tiles are, come visit us at our showroom.


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