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Trending Stone Colours in 2018

A new year brings an emergence of new trends throughout home design. Stone remains one of the best and most popular options for homes and it seems that a whole new range of colours will assert their dominance in 2018. Here are some of the trending stone colours in 2018:

Black slate has been a favourite dark tone and it has been shown to work extremely well in a variety of spaces. Its dark tone presents an intimate ambience that feels both natural and grand. The colour be used in flooring to tie different spaces together, or to dress up other special features. Paired with nice lighting and white tones, this stone colour will thrive.

White marble’s been around for a little while now, but it doesn’t look like it is really going anywhere. The charm of the white mixed with the natural finishings adds character to a space without overpowering it. It works with a variety of different looks, so even as your furnishing tastes change, the marble will continue to work. This longevity and its natural attributes will continue to ensure it remains a trending colourway in the new year.

Natural brown and other earthy tones seem to be on the come-up. With stone, these colours add a subtle change to what we’ve come to expect while keeping to natural roots. Tending to subtly pull together a space with just a touch of extra flavour, these tones are different without being overwhelming. They can work well into a space looking for natural, homely feel.

With all the colourways that are presenting themselves as key trends for 2018, it’s important to also consider the style - i.e. honed vs polished. Such finishes and final detailing is important to the overall trend and design. At the moment, the unrefined, rough feeling of the honed stone seems to be most popular and will continue to be so throughout 2018. However, more polished and refined will still work well in well-orchestrated spaces.

If you’re thinking about adding stone to your home in 2018, get in touch with us. Across our website and in our showroom, we have a vast array of styles that you can engage with to ensure you find exactly what you need.


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