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Why choose Natural Stone Tiles?

Natural Stone Tiles are one of the favourite options when looking to transform a space. There are a huge amount factors that contribute to why you should choose natural stone tiles, but we’ve narrowed it down to just 3: Natural Beauty, Durability and Versatility.

Natural Beauty - Stones inherently have an unmatched sense of beauty, one that can only have been established naturally, millions of years ago. Unlike the more human-engineered options, stone tiles still hold a natural aura - they look and feel authentic. The tones and textures are unique and unable to be replicated. This natural feel holds itself well in a number of different spaces, either as a statement feature or paired with other elements. The ‘earthiness’ can easily ground a space and tie it together with wonder and beauty. Whether used indoor or outdoor, stone tiles are great at presenting themselves with grandeur without over complicating an area.

Natural Stone Tiles and Flooring Auckland

Durability - Unlike other materials, stone improves with age. It can survive an entire lifetime and still hold the same attractiveness it always had. The fact that is so hard-wearing adds to it’s durability as it is extremely difficult to damage natural stone tiles. During the entire life-cycle of stone, you can be sure that it will continue to feel and look incredible.

Versatility - No two natural stone tiles are exactly alike. Their natural formations present a unique and enchanting feeling, that can do wonders in almost any space. Variations in colours and veins can be subtle or extreme, each offering different merits. This individuality adds to the overall versatility of natural stone tiles, which come in a broad spectrum of colours and with an assortment of finishes. This allows you to get relatively specific in choosing your design, ensuring your space can be as perfect as it deserves to be.

Natural stone tiles are an incredible choice for your home, particularly if you value a natural feel. Their durability and practicality means they will last a lifetime without struggle. Whichever area of your home you are looking to transform (indoor or outdoor), Natural Stone Tiles are certainly a great choice. To browse our selection of natural stone options, look at our website or visit the Artedomus showroom today.


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